Tours in English for groups are available by prearrangement for groups of 13 or more paticipants. Tours may be booked during the day- and nighttime.

There are two tours available:

"Graveyards, Ghosts and Murderers"
The Original Freiburg Freiburg Ghost-Walk

Discover places of mystery and imagination. Who is the solitary "White Lady" at the castle? What scared a greedy graverobber to death? In the dim light of a lantern your guide will take you to hidden churchyards, haunted houses and forgotten graveyards. Listen to the stories about spooky corners of Old Freiburg, and stay near the light!!!

Meeting Point: "Am Predigertor", at the corner of Rotteckring / Unterlinden
When: On Friday, 30.6. / 28.7. / 25.8. / 22.9. / 27.10.2017 at 8 p.m.
Price: 7,50 Euro / 6,50 euro (concssions)
Duration: 105-120 min.

"City, Gates and Storytellers" - The Cathedral-Walk

Follow the trusty horsegroom Lambert of Fryeburg (or his charming wife Hiltrud) on a walk through narrow alleyways and secret courtyards. Find out how the old ringwall, the gates and our famous "Bächle" came to be built. What happended when Freiburg came under siege? Who killed Master Konrad? Hear of Butcher Hauri´s ruthless deed, and see for yourself what´s left from the Middle Ages.

Meeting Point: Schwabentor, at the stairs leading up to Schwabentorsteg
When: On Friday, 16.6. / 14.7. / 11.8. / 8.9. / 6.10.2017 at 8 p.m.
Price: 7,50 Euro / 6,50 euro (concssions)
Duration: 90-105 min.